Flagship Event in Istanbul
“between East and West”



CDA Day 2013 prior events

November 2012/February 2013

Arlecchino project, Tiyatro Barbone
Mask project, Tiyatro Barbone
Pinocchio inCommedia Project, Evrim School
Commedia dell’Arte project, IMI Italian Lyceum
Commedia dell’Arte project, Galileo Galilei Italian Lyceum

17th of February

3:30/7:00 PM – IIC Istanbul (Italian Culture Institute)
during the Italian Language Day:

Pinocchio inCommedia dell’Arte (show) Evrim School




The Stories of the Comedians (performance) IMI Italian Lyceum (Middle school)




Exhibitions of Commedia dell’Arte masks hand-made by Galileo Galilei Italian Lyceum students





19th of February

1.00/2.00 PM - Galileo Galilei Italian Lyceum

Carnival Parade
with students and teachers of Galileo Galilei Italian Lyceum


22nd/23rd/24th of FebruaryKumbaraci50 theatre

Commedia dell’Arte Workshop
Master Mario Gallo





25th of February

1.00/2.30 PM – Galileo Galilei Italian Lyceum

Show-conference The Mask and the Actor
by Filipe Crawford (FC Produções Teatrais – Portugal, SAT member)




2.30 PM – Galileo Galilei Italian Lyceum
Commedia dell’Arte masks’ exhibition hand-made by the students

4.00/8.30 PM - IIC Istanbul (Italian Culture Institute)
Commedia dell’Arte Masks’ Exhibition Opening
(30 masks – hand-made by some of the most important European masks makers)




4.30/6.30 PM - IIC Istanbul (Italian Culture Institute)
Between East and West: traditional theatre starting from Commedia dell’Arte”, with an introduction about UNESCO Intangible Heritage by Luciano Brogi (President of SAT). Coordinators: Prof. Roberto Tessari (University of Turin – Italy) and Mario Gallo (President of Teatro ricerche). Speakers: Doç. Dr. Kerem Karaboğa (University of Istanbul), Prof. Francesco Gigliotti (Director and Pedagogue – Italy), Filipe Crawford (Director and Pedagogue – Portugal). Special guest Üstün Akmen, performing arts critic, writer of the Message.




7.00/8.15 PM – IIC Istanbul (Italian Institute of Culture)
Show “Astuzie di Covello” (Covello’s wiliness)
(Opera Prima company – Italy, SAT member)





6.00/6.30 –  Asmali Sahne Istanbul
Show Family Album
(ISCaD, International Society of Communication and Drama – UK)





7.00/7.45 PM – Asmali Sahne Istanbul
Experimental monologue Arlecchino al Bagno” (Harlequin at the Bathroom)
(Teatro Barbone – Istanbul)

8.00/9.00 PM – Asmali Sahne Istanbul
Show Servi e Padroni” (Servants and Masters)
(co-production Tiyatro Barbone, Istanbul/Teatro ricerche, Italy)





9.10/9.55 PM – Asmali Sahne Istanbul
Show-Conference Le nozze di Arlecchino” (Harlequin’s Wedding)
(Teatro ricerche, Italy, SAT member, socio SAT)




10.30 PM
Farewell dinner with the artists and guests of the CdADAY Istanbul 2013


27th and 28th of February

8:00 PM – Municipal Theatre of Istanbul, Fatih Reşat Nuri Sahnesi
ShowBüyünün gözleri – Mehmet murat ildan – yöneten: hülya karakaş

All the show are free (except those on 27th and 28th of February)