Theatre Barbone – Servants and Masters

Teatro Barbone – Servi e PadroniAn old and modern story like the circle of life: the Servants, often blackmailed for need, go on serving the Power, and the Power goes on helping Masters to blackmail the Government.
The appearance is the only thing that changes: the artificial language of the Commedia dell’Arte, pure and human theatre par excellence that, through the mask, the colour, the irony and the incessant fight during the Centuries, arrives immediately to the heart of every kind of audience with its formal and frank expression, in no uncertain terms, to claim the right to the respect for everyone’s life.
The great talent of Theatre Barbone actors, who improvise on a prearranged framework of the text, makes the show full of exclusive surprises and scenic inventions, also through the overwhelming relationship with the audience, that is involved by the actors in a continuous prank of jokes that often rewrite real-time the text.
“Servants and Masters” is Commedia dell’Arte staged and reworked with Turkish professional actors who develop the story in Turkish language, with a behaviour of the body that belongs to this wonderful culture full of history, music, colours and dance: an extraordinary energy that here in Istanbul smells nice of life.
The Italian Commedia dell’Arte is in the show, but changes itself like every clever traveller who, arrived in a new country, tries to mingle with the habits of that place, lately discovered, to tell about himself/herself from another point of view.
The technique doesn’t change, but it has a different intensity and energy from the same technique performed by Italian actors.
The characters of the masks are inspired to the tradition of the ancient Commedia dell’Arte, but they renew themselves in this story blinking at the present times; they are stylised characters taken from current everyday life, stereotypes that live in every country of the world: the Servant, the Master, the Stingy man, the Pretentious Noble, so… Nothing is changed from XVI Century.

Theatre Barbone has been founded by the Artistic director Barış Kıralioğlu during 2011, with the aim to unire Italian and Turkish art and artists in Istanbul.


Aybie Turan, Yiğit Can BahÇeci, Nükhet Akkaya,
Duygu Serin, Barış Kıralioğlu

Direction by Mario Gallo

Music improvised by the actors
Masks hand-made by the actors                         

Theatre Barbone – Harlequin at the Bathroom

Experimental Monologue

Teatro Barbone – Arlecchino al Bagno

Harlequin at the Bathroom is a Experimental Monologue based on the story of a fat Harlequin closed in the bathroom…
Unusual production where, for the first time, the well-know mask of the Commedia dell’Arte express itself, sitting in a bath tub.
As in the tradition of the Comedians dell’Arte, also in this situation the risk is part of the show: which will be the artistic and professional outcome of an Harlequin no more acrobat, sole actor in his story, forced to stay seated for his body’s overload?
This is an entertainment we want to try out, without asking if someone, in the circle of high Culture of the Commedia dell’Arte, will say OK or not; the important thing is: trying to do it!

With Barış Kıralioğlu

Direction by Mario Gallo


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