between the East and the West

between the East and the West:
a representative metaphor of the events that will take place in Istanbul, epicentre of the Commedia dell’Arte World Day –  on 25th of February, 2013, promoted by SAT (NGO officially recognized by UNESCO as Consultant for the Convention about the Intangible Cultural Heritage) and organized by Teatro ricerche, recognized by MiBAC (Italian Ministry of Culture) and member of SAT.
A past and present history that will help us understanding how much the traveller has influenced the development of peoples’ cultures with his/her knowledge and his/her national tradition.
Don’t exist a people’s Cultural Heritage that haven’t been enriched by other ethnic groups’ symbolic and human features that have gradually modified and then strengthened the habits and the way to see and doing things in the daily life of nations worldwide.
This is the case of the Commedia dell’Arte, bearer of knowledge, symbols, universal features, born from the Italian CdA’s actors’ observation and consequent philosophical and artistic thought during the XVI Century, that have been developed in the course of time and have contributed, thanks also to the Comedians’ endless journeys, to found the modern theatre culture in Europe and not only there.
That is why in this 4th edition of the CdADAY 2013 in Istanbul, we’ll find again the symbolic and human images that, through the traditional and innovative use of the mask and the cultural exchange among different nations, will tell us some truths, half-truths and contradictions that by now belong to the global behavior of the contemporary human-being, today more than ever confused, fatigued, childish…