OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAÇağdaş Drama Derneği – ÇDD Antalya Temsilciliği Tülin

Akdeniz Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi
“Theatre and Drama Education”

Antalya – Turkey, 2011 March 31 / April 3

Introductory educational training in Commedia dell’Arte

Introductory training in Commedia dell’Arte is involving Turkish school teachers at all levels, academics and cultural operators in an educational and art project retracing our common origins and the connections between the past and present starting from Mask as anthropological common element in European civilization. The workshop promotes social integration through the acknowledgment of a same cultural background behind the different past and present traditions; it also allows to experience teamwork and mutual cooperation, for a human, cultural, social and aesthetic development; it recognizes a social-cultural value in the activity through a continuing education of the new generations in cultivating historical and contemporary memory; it puts emphasis on the environment (theatrical space, social space) as a fundamental place for the community development and for socialization.
The workshop is focused on observing and controlling the elements constituting a scenic space: body movement, voice, interaction with workmates and audience, use of mask and further development of one or more Commedia dell’Arte characters’ typical features.
Teaching “stage presence” will be a basic element in the workshop: neutral posture (gesture and verbal communication between actor and audience) and improvisation.