Canovaccio2001 Orvieto

“Documentary scenario”

This is an exploration of Eduardo De Filippo’s philosopy of life and theatre, a critical and metaphorical synthesis inspired by his later years, when the eternal conflicts between individual and society, reality and dream, culture and politics emerge as the basic pedagogical, artistic and social reasons of his poetics.
Ultimately, it is a brechtian theater, reflecting upon social disease and denouncing reality with not indulging in entertainment.

“Teaching young generations the courage of sitting before a blank sheet and writing down life in a theatrical frame”1: this was the need Eduardo expressed in the course of a meeting with a group of young students in 1981 at La Sapienza University in Rome, where he explained the meaning of his own dramaturgy, but also the importance of courageously and correctly spreading the language of theatre, as well as its cultural and educative role in social life.
The “solo” in Eduardo’s plays constantly aims to express his personal questioning about the meaning of a modern theater. The text is not dominant in the action, but it leaves room for the actor’s body movement and creative imagination.

1Preface by Ferruccio Marotti to EDUARDO DE FILIPPO, Lezioni di teatro all’Università di Roma “La Sapienza” [Theatre classes at La Sapienza University in Rome], edited by Paola Quarenghi, Einaudi – Gli Struzzi, 1986