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Harlequin – Servants and Masters

If you’re expecting from this Harlequin the classical, multi-coloured character, you’ll be surprised at meeting something else: a contemporary reappraisal of the traditional Italian character.
Harlequin is hungry, and therefore always in search of a source of food, but he’s also searching for challenges in a world full of exploiters, egoists and double dealers incapable of looking beyond their everyday life – or, on the contrary, day-dreamers unable to fulfill their aspirations. These encounters are never totally negative: they are experiences which allow Harlequin to learn how life works, and make him grow up. The character maintains a constant line of action, balancing between spirit and matter: his hunger is real and urgent, but it’s also a metaphor of a hunger for culture and communication. Harlequin is a lively wit whose dreams transfigure reality: he tells us about our powers of realizing our own dreams and going beyond reality to improve it and to exorcise suffering. His constant struggle for existence becomes a metaphor of searching for oneself, for one’s place and raison d’être in the world.

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Arlecchino e Madre Fame

Video produced by SAT, yet ONG Consulente UNESCO for Convenzione sul Patrimonio Immateriale

Promo Video “Arlecchino e Madre Fame”

Produzione Teatro Ricerche – 2003

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