The masks on this “catalogue” are produced by Mario Gallo. They represent a creative expression as close as possible to the idea of an encyclopedic journey.
These masks, conceived, designed and produced between 1995 and 2014, keep travelling worldwide, on short as well as on long, on private as well as on public paths, reaching every place where people and Commedia dell’Arte characters exchange their love for culture, social commitment and interest in arts.
Each mask contains in itself the metaphor, the imagination and many truths and lies from things seen, lived, metabolized and finally transfigured through the synthesis of Innovation in Commedia dell’Arte.
The production techniques grow out of uninterrupted experimentation with materials, colours and shapes, all of them changing with the varying experiences, but never forgetting memories, whatever they may be. Commedia dell’Arte tradition suggests a “history of stories”, a sort of travelling library inventory, where the past is a sign of basic importance for the intellectual development of young generations.
Mask’s innovation is contemporary history: shapes, contents, materials, colours, ethics and aesthetics seen through different eyes.

PMasks production
Mixed technique: chalked lint, foam rubber, volcanic sand, oakum, wood, glue, watercolours, acrylic colours, oil.