JPG Centrale incorniciata dal testo pagina SATThe SAT association gather the Commedia dell’Arte practitioners together.

  • In 2005 SAT instituted the Commedia dell’Arte Video Archive ‘’ (, that is completely managed by the representatives of this tradition
  • In 2008 SAT submitted its application to the UNESCO to obtain the admission of the Commedia dell’Arte tradition in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  • In 2010 SAT announced the “Commedia dell’Arte Day” under the patronage of the Italian centre of the ITI – International Theatre Institut, and the Italian Commission of UNESCO
  • For its stewardship activity of this tradition, the SAT association has been recognised as Consultant on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention.

During the 20th of March 2010 Meeting, the SAT members decided that the ‘’ Archive is the only official representative of the Commedia dell’Arte practitioners for the collection, cataloguing, preservation and fruition of the materials that document the expressions of the tradition of present-day Commedia dell’Arte.

In conformity with the UNESCO guidelines about the Intangible Heritage, the SAT association, namely the same representatives of the tradition of
Commedia dell’Arte, act for the conservation and protection of their documentation materials, according to the principle of intellectual property of traditional knowledge.

We believe that it is our right and duty demand to manage the information about our work and not to delegate it to outside contractors from the Academic community, to the critics or thinkers in general.

Video-call to Unesco