Istanbul, the door of the East, is a unique city in the world suspended between Europe and Asia, a bridge between history and future.
The city on the Bosphorus, one time called Byzantium or Constantinople, is today the greater metropolis in the Mediterranean: fascinating, mystical, hectic, it is a city not easy to discover and understand, but a walk around its streets will be sufficient  to fall in love with it.
Istanbul is different from the other European cities you are used to visit: it is a road between East and West, with their mix of cultures and traditions so far away the one from the other.
The impact with the city is not easy, but when you’ll get used to it, there’s a risk that you’ll be enchanted by the beauty of its features.
Istanbul is able to convey the vacuity of time that goes by and the ability to seize the moment.
Every city leaves in our hearts different and unforgettable impressions. Istanbul communicates the greatness of the human variety, with its faults but with its wonderful diversities as well, that make the human soul something of still misunderstood and mysterious.
It’s interesting that one of the most popular and cheap ways to travel chosen by people is just extending in a great metropolis as Istanbul, attesting the politeness and hospitality of Turkish people.