Teatro Ricerche

Mario Gallo is the chairman of Teatro ricerche, a theatre company founded in 1992 and he is Art Director of “Atelier International of Theatrical Mask” in Italy. The activity of the Association is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. He is Member of the National Committee for the Safeguard of the Commedia dell’Arte, held by SAT Association (an ONG consultant for UNESCO).Actor, theatre author and director, mask maker, he graduated in Urbino at the Istituto di Scienze dello Spettacolo e sociologia della comunicazione della Facoltà di Magistero.  Afterwards, he carried out courses of specialization at the centro di pedagogia teatrale “E. J. Craig” in Florence, later he continued his education with the “Odin Teatret” (Jan Ferslev), Sosta Palmizi, Marcel Marceau, Hal Yamanouchi, Phlip Radice (J. Lecoq school in Paris), Franco di Francescantonio, Kassim Bayatly.He has a deep pedagogical and didactic theatre experience which he has acquired over 20 years of projects developed for: the Pubblica Amministrazione, the Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Università e della Ricerca, the Hellenic Republic Ministry of Education, Secondary Education Eastern Attica "Education & Theatre" Department, the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Salonicco (Greece), the Theatre Education Network of Hellenic Teachers (Athens, Greece), the Municipal Theatre and University of Corfu, the Istituto Cervantes (Spanish cultural institute) Rome – Naples, the Embajada de España – officina cultura spagnola in Italy, the çačdas drama derneği Antalya Temsilciliği – Turkey, the çačdas drama derneği and Kocaeli University – Turkey, Theatre Barbone Istanbul – Turkey and the European Union.He continues to produce, promote and teach Commedia dell’Arte (tradition and innovation) in Italy and Europe through conferences, seminars and cultural exchanges organized by Teatro ricerche in collaboration with international institutions for the valorisation and the evolution of Italian theatrical and musical culture in schools and in contemporary society.
Prizes: Prize Calandra: Best Actor (Harlequin); Prize Valdarno Cinema: Fedic award for the script and the direction  of the short-film “Il mondo”; Prize of the Critic for an essay on the pedagogy of the Commedia dell’Arte to XIV Rassegna Nazionale del Teatro Della Scuola, Serra S. Quirico (Ancona).